Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome to Brute Force

This is the site for the Brute Force Film project. The purpose of the project is the production of innovative, affecting and well-crafted crime movies. The project is the creation of Paul von Stoetzel of Killing Joke Films and crime writer Dennis Tafoya. We’re looking for collaborators, partners and investors. We want to make small films on reasonable budgets and help other filmmakers and writers do the same.
Our first project is a short film, “How to Jail,” based on my short story of the same name, which appeared in CrimeFactory, the online crime magazine published by Keith Rawson, Cam Ashley and Liam Jose.
The film is being shot in Minnesota by Paul and his producer Chris Bueckers. We’re trying to raise about six thousand bucks to shoot the film. We hope you’ll use the paypal link to give us a couple of bucks, and encourage your friends to do the same. We’re not going to make any money on a short film, but we are creating what we hope will be a real community of filmmakers, writers and artists that will go on to keep creating interesting, exciting content.
Watch this space for news, links and pics from the short film, and let us know about projects you're working on or trying to get off the ground.

Join us, subscribe to our feed, spread the word.

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