Thursday, December 23, 2010

UPDATE: "How to Jail" in Pre-Production

Director Paul von Stoetzel
Chris and Paul are making incredible progress on the production and casting of the short film, "How to Jail," to be shot this spring in Minneapolis. I wanted to give everyone an update as well as credits for the cast and crew.

Paul von Stoetzel has written/directed several films and plays in the Twin Cities area including the award winning short H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, Asleep in the Deep and Von Convex. His first feature documentary, SNUFF: a documentary about killing on camera has won numerous awards while also receiving major North American distribution. His most recent documentary, Scrap, a feature documentary about two eccentric builders and their bizarre structures, is traveling the film festival circuit as is his first short documentary My Friend Root Rot and short horror film Dinner Date, both of which have already won several awards.  He is currently in post production for a new literary adaptation to film; H.P. Lovecraft’s The Curse of Yig.  

Peter Hansen, "Henry"

Matthew Feeney has come on as Casting Director as well as Special Wardrobe and Tactical Advisor. Matthew is also an actor and owner of Walden Entertainment.  Some of Matthew’s recent casting credits include Phasma Ex Machina, Fall Into Me, Icebreaker, and Turnipseed (starring Larry Gilliard Jr).  As an actor, Matthew has appeared in well over 400 on-camera projects, including The Gayle Whitman Show, FRASIER and WCCO’s Out & About with RJ Fritz.

Ryan Knox, "Willis"
Peter Christian Hansen and Ryan Parker Knox have been signed to play Henry and Willis. Peter and Ryan have worked together before in theater projects and have an amazing chemistry that should add an important dimension to "How to Jail."

Also, we're starting a big push to raise money. Paul, Chris and Matthew have done an amazing job of lining up incredible deals on props, locations, etc, but we do need about six grand to shoot, so please contribute whatever you can, even very small amounts will help.

We also have a date for a fundraiser. I'll have more details, but we'll be doing an event in Minneapolis on February 18th. There will be special raffles and a chance to meet the cast and crew.

Dennis Tafoya


  1. Early April Scott, if you want to come out we'll put you to work. Hell, if Dennis comes out for production maybe you can be his entourage? He likes feeling important.

  2. MysterLynch, I just sent you the info via your online contact. Let me know if there's a better way.